National Lottery Results

The UK lottery was founded in 1994 and since then has become one of the largest and most popular lotteries in Europe. It is ran by a private organization called Camelot and is overseen by the British Lottery Commission to ensure that everything is carried out correctly and honestly. You can view the live updated national lottery results here. In the early stages of this successful lottery there was just the one draw per week on a Saturday evening, however as it grew in popularity over the years there was a need for an extra draw on a Wednesday to cope with the vast demand for people wishing to play the game. Originally, the only way to check the National Lottery numbers was to either watch them on the television to see the draw live or take your tickets into the nearest store that retailed the tickets for them to check whether you were one of the lucky winners.

National Lottery

However, over time these methods became a little dated and with the vast growth in internet usage by many people across the United Kingdom the obvious solution was to post the results on the web for all to see. As most individuals that play the lottery are working or are busy looking after their families it is often tricky for them to see the program live or find the time to visit a store to check the results. The fact that individuals are able to check the results on the internet means that they can be checked at any time day or night and thus makes it much more convenient for the players.

The actual game format of the UK National Lottery has barely changed since the start in the early 1990`s. There are still 6 balls released with numbers on them and 1 bonus ball. To win the accumulated jackpot you must have guessed all 6 of the numbers correctly. As with many other lotteries if there is more than one player that has all 6 of the numbers guessed correctly then the jackpot will be divided between the various players. However, if no player guesses the correct numbers then the jackpot will be rolled over to the next week. There have been a number of lotteries where this has happened and the jackpots have grown to extremely large sums. This has only helped to increase the popularity of the game. Most players now not only check the results on the internet but they also buy their tickets on-line too.